Welcome to my world of English! I am so excited about this year’s journey.  Get ready to learn new concepts and develop new skills as you explore awesome topics.  Happy Learning!


Posing with a student many years ago; he’s now a journalist!

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Freedom Writers: Journaling Our Way to Better writing.

You have probably seen the movie, “Freedom Writers,” starring Hillary Swank, in which a  passionate teacher stirs her students’ academic interests through journal writing.  The movie is much more interesting than that.  The teacher tries to foster a passion in her students, who, themselves, have come from hard situations; these students had been told that … Continue reading

Improving in ELA

Ways To Improve Your ELA Skills You have come to the right place!  You have already made the first step in improving your ELA skills by exploring your teacher’s website! By the way, in case you did not know, ELA stands for English Language Arts.  Now that you know what ELA means, we can move on.  :-). … Continue reading