About Me

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My Family

The Teacher:

I have been a licensed English Teacher since September, 2004.  I have primarily taught in the New York City public High Schools and am currently serving as Adjunct English Teacher at Ashworth College. In about a year or less, I hope to have my PhD in education, with a specialty in e-learning. I have a great passion for teaching and learning and that passion enables me to reach my students in multiple ways.  I am constantly engaged in the active process of learning relevant ways or approaches to reach my students  both academically and socially so that they can become successful college graduates and entrepreneurs in the future.  My success as a teacher is not possible without my student’s success.  I employ various strategies and a variety of fun activities in order to engage students in the learning process.  My goal is to give every student the quality education each deserves.

The Student:

I am first the student before the teacher.   The world is constantly changing, and so no one can ever say she knows everything.  I consider myself a life-long learner.  Before I can teach my students anything, I have to make sure that I become the expert through research, professional development, and through one-on-one interactions with students, their parents, and staff.  In fact, I learn more about how to teach from my interaction with my students.  I strongly believe in differentiated instruction meeting the needs of every student.  My mantra is to MEET (MEEETMaximize Educational opportunities, Everyday for Everyone, Together) every student by working with all those involved in the student’s life (the student, parents, staff).

The Parent:

My husband and I have been married for 15  years, and from that union came three amazing children!  I am the proud mother to boys ages 14, 12, and 6 years; watching them grow up gives me the awesome privilege of seeing life through the eyes of the parent.  It makes me so happy when teachers communicate with me about my children’s progress and keep me in the loop about what my kids are learning.  I want to do the same for the parents of the wonderful boys and girls, who enter my classroom on a daily basis.  This website is one way I hope to keep everyone in the loop.